Why this blog?

The Fruition blog is dedicated to dissecting current vintage effect on vineyard production worldwide. It is rooted in research in oenology and viticulture and is based on vine physiological data. It provides well-informed insights on how the ongoing vintage is shaping the vineyard and ultimately the wine. On a regular basis, we will share here insights coming from around the world, ideas, inputs. So follow us, comment our blog posts and give us your feedback!

Why this blog?

  • Share real-time info on vintage effect
  • Help winemaker making better wine while discussing the accumulated effect of the season on vine, fruit composition and ultimately wine quality
  • Use the latest scientific knowledge and vineyard response collected across contrasted situations to establish true vintage facts, which are data-based.
  • Provide a discussion platform to better assess vineyard needs and promote more respectful and sustainable practices in the context of global warming

How are we qualified to write this blog?

We are experts in vineyard monitoring, trained in winemaking and we have been continuously tracking vintage effect over a large variety of vineyards located in different locations worldwide. In addition, over the years, we have built a large database, which integrates all data coming from the vineyard. This large dataset has given us tremendous insights in grape growing and the role it plays in winemaking. We have a strong thirst for knowledge and are passionate about sharing it.
Thibaut and Sébastien

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The Vintage Report fosters <strong>innovation for sustainable advancements</strong> in winemaking through scientific presentations and lectures from the industry’s leading minds.

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