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We would like to thank you very much for visiting our blog! Each month we are thrilled to have thousands of individual visitors reading our articles.

We are also glad to announce the new Industry Corner category in Fruition sciences blog.

At Fruition sciences, we truly believe that sharing information and knowledge is the key to success in using precision viticulture to make better wines.

We are now opening our blog to wine industry members for practitioners to share thought-provoking best practices and game changing ideas with the global winemaking community, and we welcome your written submissions!

The goal is to have people with different points of view analyze diverse growing areas, engage in challenging discussions and share nuanced opinions on growing grapes. We are typically looking for articles between 400 and 500 words surrounding the topic of ‘viticulture’.

This week our first author is Daniel Baron from Daniel Baron Consulting.  Daniel will be doing several articles for the viticulture blog.  (Please note that we are not setting up a maximum of blog post per person.)

If you are a winemaker, winery owner, vineyard manager, scientist, wine critic, sommelier, equipment provider or any kind of grape-growing enthusiast who would like to participate in our blog publications, please reach out to us at the following address: [email protected]

Thank you once again for reading our articles!
-The Fruition Sciences Team



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The Vintage Report is a unique forum that aims to gather the industry’s most prominent vintners and scientists to discuss the previous vintage, present the latest innovative research and share technical advances in viticulture and enology.

The Vintage Report fosters <strong>innovation for sustainable advancements</strong> in winemaking through scientific presentations and lectures from the industry’s leading minds.

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